Our ethics and accreditations

Our Ethics and Accreditations

At South Westerly we work with a single dedicated factory which ensures transparency, no surprises and complete control of production.


We have thought through the process of our windbreaks and deckchairs from concept to finished product and have tried to reduce the impact on our environment as much as possible.

As one of the final five short-listed businesses in the Cornwall Sustainability Awards ‘Most Sustainable product’, South Westerly Windbreaks are made of 100% fair-trade cotton, with FSC wooden poles, and caps made from recycled rubber to protect the wood and support the windbreak.

Our products are hard-wearing and durable, this is especially important to us. We aim to provide you with a product that will last for years not moments. Replacing your windbreak frequently is not only going to be costly to you but to our environment too.

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All stages of the production process are audited, from sourcing the raw materials, right through to the final production of our products. We have a responsibility to our customers, but we have a larger responsibility to our workers. Ensuring that they are paid a fair wage and work in the best conditions possible is very important to us.

As part of our transparent approach to compliance, we have always welcomed visits to our production facility from our clients.

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Sedex, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, is a membership organisation for business committed to continuous improvement of the ethical performance of their supply chains.

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Fairtrade standards and procedures are approved and set by FLO International in accordance to the requirements of the ISEAL Code of Good Practice by the FLO International Standards Committee.

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The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognised as the leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres worldwide. It defines high level environmental criteria along the entire supply chain of organic textiles and requires compliance with social criteria as well. Inspection and certification done by ECOCERT.

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iCiX is an international community: a network of businesses connecting, communicating and sharing critical documentation. This network facilitates the immediate exchange of validated information between trading partners or any designated member, reducing workload and increasing reach and efficiency within the supply chain.

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Green America’s Green Business Network™ is the first and largest, most diverse network of socially and environmentally responsible businesses in USA and members globally join to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.

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ISO 9000 Certificate provide a comprehensive model for quality management systems that can make any company competitive. This standard improves effectiveness via process performances metrics,numerical measurement of the effectiveness of tasks and activities.

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SA 8000 is global social accountability standard, an auditable certification standard based on the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, convention on the Rights of the Child and various International Labour Organization (ILO ) conventions.

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Providing your carbon footprint has been calculated according to a recognised standard – either the WRI/WBCSD Greenhouse Gas Protocol and/or ISO 14064. Many governments now have guidelines on the use of the term ‘carbon neutrality’